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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We find ourselves in uncertain and unprecedented times as we contend with the ongoing effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19). At Walter Winn, we follow the impact with heavy hearts and are saddened to see our community struggling.

People have always been the focus of Walter Winn and protecting those who are most vulnerable is now our top priority, including our staff. We shall continue to provide the same quality standard of excellence for as long as possible, whilst implementing procedures in accordance with the most recent government and health advice.

Your safety is our top concern. We’d like to reassure our clients and industry colleagues, that we don’t take the matter lightly and have introduced the following procedures, for our mutual protection.

Access arrangements:


Agents should advise their clients that they will be required to vacate the property for the duration of the inspection and required to fill out a questionnaire 48 hours prior to the inspection. If this is not done the surveyor has the right to cancel the inspection until it is deemed to be safe.

If access is to be provided by agents, surveyors will avoid direct contact and practice social distancing measures. These are as follows:

  • We will not meet agents directly at the property.

  • We kindly ask that keys are to be placed in an envelope and left by the door of the agency or at a minimum of 3 meters away from staff, where the surveyor can avoid close interactions. They will be returned in the same manor in the same place.


Vendors must vacate the property and complete a COVID-19 questionnaire 48 hours prior to the inspection. If this is not done, the surveyor has the right to cancel the inspection until it is deemed safe.

If the surveyor allows an occupant to stay in the property we advise the following.

We highly recommend that all members of the household vacate the property during the inspection, however if this is not possible, we ask that:

  • They confine themselves to one room for the duration of the inspection.

  • Divulge the reason that they cannot leave (i.e. working from home, self-isolating, vulnerability, caring for others etc.)

  • It is advisable that necessities such as food, water and medicines, children and pets etc. are taken into the room for protection.

We politely ask that confinement is not broken unless using the facilities or when the surveyor is to inspect the room. In such circumstance, the surveyor will maintain a reasonable distance. For more specific information, please see our F.A.Q below.

If these procedures are not met, surveyors reserve the right to cancel the inspection, at their discretion.

As new updates emerge from the government and health ministers, we will update procedures and our service accordingly.

Should you have any questions on how this will affect you, please do not hesitate to reach out to our administrative team or read our F.A.Q’s below.

For advice on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit



My inspection has been cancelled - what next?

If the surveyor has cancelled the inspection due to refusal to vacate the property or refusal to complete the questionnaire the surveyor will not re-inspect until both points have been remedied or until national guidelines are brought down to a safe level (as considered by the surveyor).

If I am providing access, how do I avoid contact with the surveyor?

Upon opening the door the surveyor will maintain a distance and keep contact to a minimum.

What do I do next?

Upon providing access, we advise that you make yourself comfortable in a room of your choosing.

What if I need something?

The survey is likely to last a few hours depending on the size of the property, and so we recommend that any of the following items, and others you deem to be necessary are brought in with you at the start:

  • Food and Water

  • Medicines

  • Other individuals in the house

  • Pets which typically roam around such as cats and dogs

  • Entertainment

When can I leave?

During the inspection we ask that you avoid leaving the room unless using the facilities. The surveyor will let you know once it’s time to inspect the room at which point you may leave. Once finished, the surveyor will let you know that his inspection is complete.


Where should I leave the keys?

Anywhere that is at a distance from staff members and certainly in an envelope. This may be a separate desk, by the door or anywhere that is at least 3 meters away from a member of staff. If this is not possible, we ask that keys are placed in an envelope on the end of a desk with minimal contact.

What if I need to speak to the surveyor?

You will be provided with a number on which to communicate with the surveyor or alternatively you can get in touch with the administrative team who will contact the surveyor for you.

Where and how will the keys be brought back?

The surveyor will bring the keys back in an envelope and place them back to where they were picked up from.

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