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Building Survey

(The Walter Winn Survey)

The A to Z of  property surveys

Designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of your investment, the Walter Winn building survey allows for a top to bottom overview of your property.


It explores all elements including a description of the property, internal and external condition (broken down into components), structural movement, services, energy conservation, primary defects, items requiring further investigation, planning, regulations and legal matters. The report has the scope to identify and comment in detail on general and any unusual features of the property or any special requirements.

The Walter Winn Survey provides more detail and advice on any repairs, maintenance or improvements required and is therefore ideal for unusual or more dated/poorly maintained properties. In particular, those properties which are not suitable for a Homebuyer Survey - and properties where our clients wish to undertake reconfiguration or extension.


It is a fully bespoke service, allowing clients to highlight particular matters of interest in the property and a truly consultative experience.


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